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Egypt is home for many deserts and fertile lands that carry history, culture, and impressive natural formations. In the Black and White deserts, you will get to witness the adventurous side of these destinations.

Highlights :

  • Discover the White Deser
  • Sunset from a Panoramic view
  • Camping in the White Desert
  • Sandboarding
  • Djara Cave
  • Visit Roman Mummies
  • Exploring the Big Valley
  • Midnight Party
  • Discover the Black Desert


Day 1

Discover the White Desert

Check-in Lodge Le Jardin Sous La Lune
Have Lunch
Have a rest from the road
Heading to a pool in the middle of the desert
Heading to Agabat Area & Crystal mountain
Watch the sunset from a cinematic view
Have Dinner
Camping for the night in the White Desert (Tents are provided)

Day 2

White Desert & Djara Cave

Have Breakfast
Heading to the dunes
Sandboarding time
Heading to Djara Cave
Take lunch at Djara Cave
Visit the Roman Mummies
Explore the Big Valley
Attend the sunset from the White Desert
Have Dinner
Camping for the night
Midnight Party

Day 3

Black Desert - Cairo

Have Breakfast
Discover Black Desert
Heading to a pool in the middle of the desert
Have Lunch
Leaving the desert at 6:00 PM and return back to Cairo

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